Benefits of Self Directed IRA Administrator Services

IRA Innovations is a leading provider of record keeping and administration services for self-directed retirement accounts. Investors who wish to take control and invest their IRAs in alternative investments trust IRA Innovations to ensure the transaction is completed in a timely manner. Our attention to detail, outstanding customer service, and communication with our clients help make IRA Innovations a trusted expert in the industry.

5 Important Benefits of Our Self Directed IRA Administrator Services

Small Is Powerful

Unlike the larger custodians in the market, IRA Innovations believes it is all about our customers. Our clients work with real people who devote their energies to helping you complete your transactions in a competent timely manner. No phone banks or calls overseas, you are speaking to our main office in Birmingham, AL.

Management Has Walked In Your Shoes

Top management including Bill Gulas, our president started out by investing in Real Estate with his own IRA. We walk our talk and understand the mechanics of what our clients are attempting to accomplish.

In For The Long Haul

Over the last few years there has been an abundance of companies establishing themselves as administrators or custodians for self-directed IRA’s. We have been at it for over 10 years with a solid track record and continue to grow. The top custodian in the country backs us with significant assets under management. We’ll still be in business when others are gone.

We Never Give Investment Advice

IRA Innovations believes in the rules established by the IRS. We are prohibited from giving any investment advice and no one in our organization is ever permitted to do so. We follow your direction. It is your self-directed IRA making the investment; we are not a stockbroker, financial advisor or an attorney. We suggest our clients seek the help of these professionals if needed.

Industry Updates

The financial world has changed over the years. We carefully monitor any regulatory changes as it relates to a self-directed IRA and notify our clients of these changes as they occur.

With clients nationwide, IRA Innovations is here to help you take control. An IRA is one of the last tax enhancements left by the government. Now more than ever it’s time to get your financial house in order.

We invite you read our self-directed IRA guide on building a retirement portfolio that outlives you and contact us at (205) 985-0860 with any questions.