Control Your Retirement Future

Control Your Retirement Future

With a self-directed IRA, you have the ability to be able to buy hard assets such as real estate, private loans, start up businesses and more. Since 2003, IRA Innovations has been a leader in helping clients accumulate wealth, tax deferred or tax free. We take pride in giving our clients the tools they need to succeed. It’s up to YOU, to determine how you want to control your retirement … [Read more...]

New Video: IRA Innovations Interviewed At Property Managers Meeting

  IRA Innovations recently attended the Central Regional Meeting of the National Association of Property Managers. Alex Osenenko, Chief Strategist for the leading Internet Marketing Company for Property Managers spoke with Bill Gulas about self-direction and what this means to property managers, owners and investors. We were pleased to introduce the concept of self-directed … [Read more...]

Self-Directed IRA Basic Training

Training Self Directed IRAs

With all of the recent tax changes, regulatory issues dealing with lending and debates on issues such as IRA-owned LLCs, I thought it was important to write an article on the basics of Self-Directed IRAs and let you decide before you buy. Why Self-Direction? This is not a vehicle for everyone. It is for an investor who wishes to diversify his portfolio with alternative assets that make sense to … [Read more...]

IRS Updates Publication 590 For Individual Retirement Accounts

download pub 590 IRAs

IRS Publication 590 has been updated and released by the IRS. This publication is directly related to Individual Retirement Arrangements and is used by CPAs and other tax preparers when filing federal income tax returns, as well as by IRA owners seeking answers to specific questions about how the IRS views these accounts. In addition to the updates on contribution and distribution limits, … [Read more...]

Self-Directed IRAs and Property Management

Property Management Self Directed IRA

Many of our clients invest in real estate with their Self-Directed IRAs. They are looking to capitalize on tax-deferred or, in the case of a ROTH IRA, tax-free income, cash flow, and the potential for future appreciation. When clients own real estate in an IRA for a long-term hold position, they frequently ask about the Self-Directed IRA and property management. Can an IRA manage its own real … [Read more...]

Understanding Fair Market Valuation Forms For Self-Directed IRAs

Self directed IRA Fair Market Evaluation Forms

Custodians and Administrators of self-directed IRA accounts have begun sending out notices to clients regarding the 2013 Fair Market Valuation forms that are due back to their offices in January. A fair market valuation is used to assign or change the value of an asset. Plan Administrators are required to provide a year-end value as required by the IRS and the State Banking Commission where the … [Read more...]

Would A SEP Make Sense For Your Self-Directed IRA?

SEP Self Directed IRA Plan

One of the most common questions I get when I speak is, “How can I buy real estate or any expensive asset in my IRA when I am only allowed to contribute $5,500 each year?” There are several different types of IRA accounts that can be established to purchase real estate or any other investment permitted by the IRS. Whether through contributions or rollovers, below are the types of IRA plans and … [Read more...]

Boost Your Self- Directed IRA: Understanding the ROTH IRA Conversion

boost ira roth conversion

I recently had some clients ask about a ROTH IRA. They are a married couple earning $300,000 a year and want to invest in real estate with their IRA. Their goal is to have income, cash flow and the potential for appreciation should the IRA opt to sell later. The question was how to do this transaction in a ROTH IRA when they earn more than allowed to make contributions to one. Understanding the … [Read more...]

Video: Investing In Private Placements With Your Self-Directed IRA

Learn how to invest in Private Placements with your Self-Directed IRA in this recorded webinar. Join Bill Gulas, CEO of IRA Innovations and Todd Ryden, C.E.O. of FNEX. FNEX is an exchange devoted to the investor marketplace for those looking to diversify their portfolios into Private Placements, Syndications, Partnerships and more. … [Read more...]