Lending Money With Your Self-Directed IRA

Self Directed IRA Lending

Has any individual or company ever approached you about lending them money? Did you know that you can use your self-directed IRA to make a loan to an individual or business? Many of our clients have used their self-directed IRAs to lend money to others. These loans are secured by real estate, businesses or other collateral. It is a great option for those who wish to invest in alternative … [Read more...]

Tax Time Reminder: It’s Not to Late To Fund Your IRA

IRA Contributions Due

It’s not to late to fund your IRA for 2012! People are living longer than ever before. It is not unreasonable to assume that individuals will spend up to 30 years in retirement. As a result, everything must last longer, including your retirement income. Take control of your financial future today, with a self-directed IRA. Hurry as you can still make 2012 contributions into your IRA before … [Read more...]

Understanding Private Placements In Self Directed IRAs

Private Placements Self Directed IRAs

There are many investments one can select to do with his self-directed IRA. Some are more risky then others. But since we self-direct, meaning we choose to direct our IRAs as we see fit, we have the ability to invest in anything that the IRS allows. We at IRA Innovations have noticed that more of our client base is investing in a Private Placement, which can be a fund, an LLC, or other … [Read more...]

Real Estate in Your IRA – Is There Still Opportunity?

Real estate in your IRA

I recently read an interesting article in The Tampa Bay Times. Currently, there are approximately 7 to 9 billion dollars of distressed single-family homes that have been converted to rental/investment property by institutional hedge funds, private partnerships of high income/high net worth individuals and even pools of capital raised among investors in foreign countries. Acquiring real estate … [Read more...]

Crowd Funding: Is It The Right Strategy For Your Self Directed IRA?

Crowd funding self directed ira

Every day, someone contacts our office to ask about Crowd Funding and their Self Directed IRA Account. Crowd Funding is a collective effort of individuals who network and pool their money. This can replace the need for traditional financing for entrepreneurs as well as non-profit organizations bringing their ideas to life. This “public” type of solicitation, which usually occurs on the … [Read more...]

Will Your IRA Avert the Fiscal Cliff?

Fiscal Cliff Self Directed IRA

I watched with interest as the people we elected to represent us in Congress walked out of Washington last week with no answers as to how we as a country can avoid going over the Fiscal Cliff. Nearly all taxpayers will be affected by the decisions made on government spending in some way. As an IRA Administrator, I like my clients, am concerned about where the government stands on the coveted … [Read more...]

Looking to Build a Nest Egg for Retirement? Consider a Self Directed IRA


Building Your Nest Egg with a Self Directed IRA Retirement Plan One way that we have of increasing personal purchasing power beyond the level of inflation and the only way we have of setting aside sufficient funds for a comfortable retirement is to do it ourselves. Building a retirement nest egg that meets your needs isn't easy. We're faced with ever-increasing pressures from local and federal … [Read more...]

What is the main benefit of a self-directed IRA?


A Primary Benefit of the Self-Directed IRA is you can invest in what you know. Period! With the great tax advantages provided by all IRAs or 401(k) s, as well as the wider range of possible investments of a self-directed IRA or self directed 401(k), you can potentially build wealth and secure your future much more effectively than through traditional retirement plans. With the power of  … [Read more...]

What Is a Self Directed IRA?


The term "self directed" simply means that you, as an individual, have complete control over selecting and directing your own IRA or 401(k) investments. In 1975, as part of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and the creation of IRAs, self directed IRAs were also permitted. At that time, qualified plans, such as Defined Benefit, Profit Sharing and Money Purchase Pension … [Read more...]