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About Herb and Pat Mitchell
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Throughout their careers, the Mitchells have worked together in marketing and sales as realtors and investors. To expand their financial options, they wanted to purchase real estate as an investment tool. Though they have excellent credit, they were limited to small, interest-only loans. Like many investors, they needed a good source of funding.

As active members of local real estate investment groups, Pat and Herb heard about the method of using a self-directed IRA to purchase real estate. They opened an account with IRA Innovations and were on their way to investing in condos and single family dwellings!

“This was the financial freedom we had been looking for”, remarked Herb. “IRA Innovations opened a new door of possibilities for us to be able to not only invest in real estate, but expand our options to invest in small businesses, properties, precious metals and more. More importantly, we are in control of diversifying our portfolio.”

Top 3 reasons the Mitchells see potential in the Panhandle:

  • The Gulf Coast continues to be hot market for rental property for military trainees and seasonal tourism.
  • Economic conditions favor real estate as an investment for potential appreciation.
  • Banking restrictions have limited investors’ capital creating an opportunity to provide private lending.

The Mitchell Team’s goal is to help others gain financial freedom utilizing their IRA accounts and gain control of their retirement options. To learn more about your options with IRA Innovations, call or email the Mitchells for a free consultation today! Call Herb or Pat at (850) 346-9600 or Herb@IRAInnovations.com