Manage More Doors With Other People’s IRAs

Property  Mangers Using IRAsGrow Your Property Management Business By 25% This Year!

How? By educating your existing clients on how to buy additional Real Estate. Business strategists say the fastest way to grow your business is to sell more product to your current customers because they like your product and they like working with you. Now you can show them how to use money they are already investing in stocks, bonds, and mutual funds and direct it to an asset they know and like: Real Estate.

Show them how they can use their IRAs and other retirement accounts to purchase real estate.

That’s right, IRA’s can purchase real estate and everyone has an IRA! IRA Innovations has a turn-key program to help you do this. We call it our Gateway to Wealth program.

Why participate in the program?

Most of your clients, if they knew they could use their retirement accounts to invest in real estate, would beat down your door to do so. Even people who have invested in real estate for decades are unaware of or unsure of how to do this. By letting IRA Innovations teach your clients how to make this happen, you enhance your service to them.

Why this is a WIN-WIN-WIN situation for everyone!

1. Your clients already like real estate as an investment and most would like to be able to acquire more.

2. You establish yourself as an expert in the real estate investing field.

3. Your clients increase their knowledge of how to buy real estate in their IRA through the IRA Innovations webinar.

4. Your clients will use you to find and purchase their new property for their IRA resulting in a commission for you (if you provide this service).

5. Your clients will use you to manage their IRA property resulting in additional doors and income.

Our Turn-key Solution

In our packet you will find everything you need to take advantage of this tremendous opportunity to grow your business!

1. A flyer to email to your clients: this flyer outlines the benefits of a self directed IRA and how to use it to purchase real estate.

2. A sample invitation to participate in a webinar: you can use this to invite your clients to participate in a webinar that will be hosted by you and IRA Innovations.

3. A step-by-step guide for your clients that includes all of the information they need: topics include the benefits of an IRA, IRA plans and how they work, investment options, choosing the right plan, and completing your investment.

Take advantage of the opportunity to manage more doors! Team up with IRA Innovations to help your clients acquire more property through their IRAs.

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