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Mike Todd TN Office IRA Innovations

Mike has been with IRA Innovations since 2007 building relationships and teaching others about the merits of self-direction for their IRAs and their financial future.

Mike moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Alabama in Huntsville with a degree in Electrical Engineering. He began his career working as a sales professional for a semi-conductor firm. At the same time, Mike co-founded an investment newsletter with a partner. His passion for all things financial led Mike to pursue a securities license, but he stopped short when he discovered the world of self-directing an IRA to acquire alternative investments.

Years later, Mike personally invests in mortgages, properties and private businesses with his self-directed IRA. His passion is evident with every presentation he delivers and he enjoys getting to know his clients and assisting them on their journey to financial freedom.

He has led financial seminars on getting out of debt and has provided one-on-one financial counseling to families through his church for over 10 years. He currently serves on the finance committee of his church.

Happily married with two children and two dogs, Mike’s enthusiasm about life and his passion for helping others build wealth has led him to be a sought after speaker and leader in the Nashville community and throughout the state of Tennessee.

Mike welcomes the opportunity to help you learn how to use your self-directed IRA to achieve the financial goals you deserve. Feel free to email Mike at Mike@IRAInnovations.com or call him at 615-794-8961.