Private stock in a self-directed IRA

Education is key if you are holding private stock in a self-directed IRA

It’s important to gain education if you are looking to hold private stock in a self-directed IRA. ¬†Any gains or losses will be realized by your retirement account.

Private or closed corporation stock offerings are not available to the public on the open market. Normally, they are made to pre-qualified individuals. These offerings must comply with the securities Blue Sky laws in the state in which the offering is made. The number of individuals included in the offering cannot exceed the maximum stipulated by state law.

These offerings, usually made by corporations seeking capitalization, can be in any class of private stock described in their prospectus. Many corporations act as their own registrar as well as transfer agent. They may or may not use market makers for their offerings. Purchases and sales are described in their offering materials, which you should study closely.

Companies such as HP, Merck, Disney and GE were once private entities that went on to become pillars of the American business landscape.

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