With a Self Directed IRA,  Access a Wider Variety of Investments

Discover the Benefits of a Tax-Free or Tax-Deferred Self Directed IRA

We invite you to learn more about the self directed IRAs we offer, as well as the full scope of possible self-directed investments.

Retirement accounts provide the opportunity to save money for the future in a tax-free or tax-deferred environment. However, an IRA INNOVATIONS self directed IRA or real estate IRA allows you to benefit in a variety of alternative investment opportunities with the potential to earn even more.

Retirement plans for individuals come in all shapes and sizes.

The most popular include traditional IRAs and Roth IRAs. For small businesses, 401ks, SEP IRAs and SIMPLE IRAs are common. In addition, there are savings plans for special needs, such as Coverdell education savings accounts and health savings accounts. Individuals obtain these accounts for two key reasons. Saving for need, such as retirement, education or healthcare and a method for reducing, deferring or eliminating taxes on the gains.

There is power in the time and earnings of an Individual Retirement Account and with the exception of certain prohibited investments, an IRA INNOVATIONs self-directed IRA, self-directed individual(k) or self-directed HSA enables you to direct your funds into a wider range of both traditional or non-traditional investments.

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