Broaden Your Investment Options with a Self Directed IRA or Real Estate IRA

Your self directed IRA or real estate IRA can own or sell many different nontraditional types of investments, presenting attractive opportunities, depending on your situation and retirement investment goals.

Additional self directed IRA investments:

  • Auto paper
  • Commercial paper
  • Convertible notes
  • Hedge funds
  • Foreign stock
  • Royalty rights
  • Equipment and leases
  • Commodities
  • Rights and warrants
  • American depository receipts
  • Personal property
  • U.S. Treasury bills
  • Farm real estate
  • Mutual funds

Why it’s worth it
There are quite a few reasons why having a self-directed IRA can make sense:

  • If you’ve been working for a while, you may have most of your life savings locked up in a retirement account. As a result, if you want to take advantage of an opportunity to make a large investment in something unusual, your IRA will often be your best source of money to make your investment.
  • You may see more profit potential in a private investment than stock public companies offers. Using your IRA to make an early investment in a promising business can give you a huge payoff if it proves successful.
  • If you want to invest in real estate, it’s hard to find stocks that give you the same type of exposure that owning a particular property gives you.
  • The same idea holds true for other investments. The opportunity to invest in a franchise business is much different from owning shares of a company.   Investment in shares of a miner won’t have the same returns as owning actual gold and silver bullion coins.

What it boils down to is that if you have a lot of money in an IRA and want to expand your investments beyond ordinary securities, a self-directed IRA can help you do what you want with your money.

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