Self directed IRA TennesseeAs the business development manager for IRA Innovations, an administrator of self-directed retirement plans, I have met hundreds of people who are interested in learning if they would be successful self- directed IRA investors. I have found that self-directed IRA investors have certain commonalities. Look at the list below and see if these qualities apply to you.

1. They are goal oriented. They generally have a strategy in place and know what type of assets they wish to acquire as a part of their portfolio.

2. They do their homework before they buy.

3. When markets change, the self-directed IRA investor stays the course.

4. They don’t allow others to influence their investment decisions. They listen to their trusted advisors, but in the end they make the choices.

5. They don’t put all of their eggs in one basket. They diversify.

6. Most believe they must be in charge of their own financial future. They are aware that Social Security and other government programs may not be available by the time they need them. The retirement plans they build today will need to last the rest of their lives.

7. They have a mix of investments outside of their retirement accounts as well as in their IRAs or 401(k)s.

8. They continue their financial education. They utilize courses, webinars, reading, and other sources to further educate themselves about investment types and strategies.

If any of these 8 commonalities sound like you, then you should consider having a self-directed IRA as a part of your investing strategy. There are different types of IRAs just as there are different types of investments. If you want to learn which IRA will fit your needs, email me at [email protected], or visit our web site where we offer information about the different types of IRAs. Rather talk? Call me at 615-794-8961 with your questions. Let’s get started on growing your financial future today!

Put your financial future in your hands. No one is going to care about your money as much as you. Learn how you can grow your wealth tax-deferred or tax-free. I look forward to being a part of your financial success.

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