Precious Metals Investment

Over the years, diversification has become a vital component in the world of investing and having a well-diversified portfolio means less volatility and more stability in investments. With diversification, weathering financial markets and their inevitable drops and spikes becomes a safer road offering potentially higher returns.

One facet that can be mistakenly overlooked when it comes to investing is the value that gold, silver, platinum, and other precious metals can offer. Diversifying within precious metals is an even smarter way to maintain stable investments considering the varied market tendencies of different precious metals.

Learn about the top three options you have for making a wise investment in diversified precious metals.

Purchase a variety of precious metals

Gold might be the precious metal everyone’s mind jumps to, with good reason due to its quality of being a non-depreciating store of value investment, but smart investors look at the various other metals that offer alternative benefits to the well-known investment in gold.

Outside of investing and the jewelry industry, gold doesn’t hold as much industrial value as silver, platinum and palladium do. Silver, for example,  has important value as an industrial material to be used in medical products, batteries,  electrical appliances, and many other items. While silver can bring big benefits to your portfolio, it also has a more volatile market to monitor.

The same goes for platinum, relied upon in the auto industry, and palladium, used in both dentistry and the auto industry. These metals all have their own values in relation to industrial and investment purposes – which is why diversifying throughout the varieties is immensely beneficial.

Buy in large and small quantities

A smart way to stretch the value of your investment in precious metals is to alternate purchasing in small and large quantities when the option is viable for your personal financial strategy. The potential in buying large weights, especially gold,  is beneficial simply because of the long term value that can be accrued. On the other hand, if you ever need to liquidate your precious metal assets quickly, trading with smaller units like a five-gram gold bar as opposed to a one-ounce gold bar will offer quicker financial solutions.

Invest in the various forms of precious metal

Most precious metals, including gold and silver, are available in coins and bars. The actual content and type of precious metal will always be prioritized as far as the value, but the form the metal comes in may have a wide variety of premiums affixed to them. This small difference can change the demand from investors and collectors alike. For example, a bar of gold or silver may have higher value because of its liquidity, while a rare coin might not even have a demand for buying or selling. Typically,  bars have the lowest premiums attached to them while coins usually carry only their face value. Diversifying your precious metals in their many forms is another way to reap the most benefit with the changing landscape of demand and premiums.

Final Thoughts

Though there are many ways to diversify, even within the realm of precious metals, the most important factor as an investor is to be informed. Understanding the many benefits that precious metals diversification offers is the first step to making sound financial decisions to benefit your portfolio, no matter how the various markets are behaving. If you’re ready to start diversifying with precious metals for your investments, IRA Innovations can help.

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