Self directed IRA Fair Market Evaluation FormsCustodians and Administrators of self-directed IRA accounts have begun sending out notices to clients regarding the 2013 Fair Market Valuation forms that are due back to their offices in January. A fair market valuation is used to assign or change the value of an asset. Plan Administrators are required to provide a year-end value as required by the IRS and the State Banking Commission where the Trust Company is based.

We always receive many questions regarding the purpose of the form, who fills it out, and why it is necessary. We also receive questions about issues in determining an asset’s current market value.

Fair Market Valuation Webinar

As a service to my clients and trusted advisers, I will be holding a webinar on this subject on Wednesday, December 18, 2013 from 10:00-11:00a.m. CST. To register for the event, please email us at [email protected] or register online here.

I will be covering the following areas to help you understand this process

  • Examples of Qualified Independent Third Parties
  • What to do with assets that have lost value or are deemed worthless
  • How the form gets properly completed and why each asset has its own form
  • What is done with this information and who has access to it
  • IRA Innovations Privacy Policy

It is impossible for us at IRA Innovations to determine the value of each our client’s IRA accounts. The worth for valuation purposes of some assets, such as stocks held by a brokerage house, can be determined based on the stock price as of December 31st. However, these forms need to be completed for other assets such as real estate. Join me as I explain the steps to completing this documentation and answer your questions.

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