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Diversifying Your Assets with Precious Metals

Over the years, diversification has become a vital component in the world of investing and having a well-diversified portfolio means less volatility and more stability in investments. With diversification, weathering financial markets and their inevitable drops and spikes becomes a safer road offering potentially higher returns. One facet that can be mistakenly overlooked when it…

Self-Directed Gold IRA and Its Benefits

In these unstable times, the financial security of retirement funds is at the foremost of many people‚Äôs minds. Having an assurance of stability in the face of instability gives peace of mind to investors. The benefits of having gold or other IRA-approved precious metals as a part of a retirement plan are numerous and well-documented….

Do Precious Metals Make Sense For A Self-Directed IRA?

Attention Gold Bugs, people who believe inflation is right around the corner, or those who wish to diversify their portfolio! Precious Metals, like real estate, can be a viable option for a self-directed retirement plan. The Tax Payer relief act of 1997 made it possible for precious metals to be held in a self-directed IRA….