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Non-Recourse Loans for the Self-Directed IRA

Recent increases in investor acquisition of real estate have prompted calls from clients that have cash in their self-directed retirement accounts but don’t have enough to buy a property outright. In other words, their IRAs need loans. There are lenders that will make loans on income producing properties to self-directed IRAs on a non-recourse basis….

Creative Investing Options With Your Self-Directed IRA

As we continue to see volatile financial markets, changes in the economy, and conflicting news accounts on investments, investors are getting nervous. Many of our clients invest in the market as a part of their investment strategy along with acquiring non-traditional alternatives such as real estate. Real Estate-related assets including loans, options and actual real…

Setting The Stage With Your Self-Directed IRA

As with a personal portfolio, your IRA portfolio may need adjustment. You may wish to direct your assets in a different direction as your retirement plan goals and objectives change. With a self-directed IRA, you have the ability to direct your assets any way you wish. Real Estate vs Notes in a Self Directed IRA…