Author: Bill Gulas

Non-Recourse Loans for the Self-Directed IRA

Recent increases in investor acquisition of real estate have prompted calls from clients that have cash in their self-directed retirement accounts but don’t have enough to buy a property outright. In other words, their IRAs need loans. There are lenders that will make loans on income producing properties to self-directed IRAs on a non-recourse basis….

The Self-Directed IRA and FRAUD

I recently read an article that talked about the top financial threats facing investors and small businesses. The Securities and Exchange Commission is reporting an increase in complaints about fraudulent schemes that utilize Self-Directed IRAs. Scam artists are using Self-Directed IRAs as a way to lend credibility to a bogus venture. Of the seven areas…

Turn-Key Real Estate for the Self-Directed IRA Investor

I recently received a notification that a company was coming to the Birmingham, AL market to offer investors “Turn Key Real Estate” opportunities. Since this is where IRA Innovations is based, I was intrigued and wanted to understand Turn-Key Real Estate, and how it applies to IRA investors, myself included. This is what I discovered….

Becoming an Informed Self-Directed IRA Investor

I recently did a Webinar with the CEO of Realty Mogul, an online Real Estate Crowd Funding Portal. To view this webinar click here or email us at [email protected] with your request. One of the Webinar participants asked about accredited investor rules. He specifically wanted to know if he needs to be an accredited investor…

Video: Self-Directed IRA Real Estate Investing

Discover How To Use Your Self-Directed IRA to Create Dependable Passive Income with Real Estate in this recorded webinar. Join Bill Gulas, CEO of IRA Innovations, and Jilliene Hilman, President of Realty Mogul, to learn creative strategies for acquiring Real Estate related investments tax-free!

Approaching Retirement and Your Self-Directed IRA.

We recently received an email from a client asking about Required Minimum Distributions. This client is approaching the magic number of 70. She read that at age 70 ½, she is required to starting taking distributions out of her Traditional IRA. She asked if there was a way around this, as she doesn’t need the…

IRA Distributions And The New 3.8% Healthcare Tax

Our office has been receiving numerous calls regarding the new 3.8% tax to pay for the Obama Healthcare Law that was recently signed. The primary question is regarding whether you, as the client taking a distribution from your IRA, will be subject to this tax. As you know, IRA Innovations does not provide financial advice….

Self-Directed IRA Investing Outside the U.S.

Can your IRA go International? Yes, you can invest in real estate and other assets outside of the United States with your self-directed IRA. Many of our clients have expressed interest in diversifying their portfolio by including real estate assets in countries like Panama, Costa Rica and Mexico; just to name a few. There are…

Hotel Development: A Different Twist for the REAL ESTATE IRA Investor

Did you know that you can invest in hotel development and acquire hotel rooms using your self-directed Real Estate IRA? One of our clients invested in a hotel at the beginning of the construction stage. Our client purchased rooms 1201 and 1503 of a hotel branded with a local name. He opted for rooms in…