Author: Bill Gulas

Starting a Self Directed IRA

Secure financial stability is something everyone hopes to achieve. With the roller coaster ride the stock market has been in past years, many people have become disenchanted with what traditional investments offer. However, they believe they are stuck having to invest in only theses types of assets When it comes to preparing for retirement and…

Self-Directed Gold IRA and Its Benefits

In these unstable times, the financial security of retirement funds is at the foremost of many people’s minds. Having an assurance of stability in the face of instability gives peace of mind to investors. The benefits of having gold or other IRA-approved precious metals as a part of a retirement plan are numerous and well-documented….

Self-Directed IRA Basic Training

With all of the recent tax changes, regulatory issues dealing with lending and debates on issues such as IRA-owned LLCs, I thought it was important to write an article on the basics of Self-Directed IRAs and let you decide before you buy. Why Self-Direction? This is not a vehicle for everyone. It is for an…

Understanding Fair Market Valuation Forms For Self-Directed IRAs

Custodians and Administrators of self-directed IRA accounts have begun sending out notices to clients regarding the 2013 Fair Market Valuation forms that are due back to their offices in January. A fair market valuation is used to assign or change the value of an asset. Plan Administrators are required to provide a year-end value as…

Video: Investing In Private Placements With Your Self-Directed IRA

Learn how to invest in Private Placements with your Self-Directed IRA in this recorded webinar. Join Bill Gulas, CEO of IRA Innovations and Todd Ryden, C.E.O. of FNEX. FNEX is an exchange devoted to the investor marketplace for those looking to diversify their portfolios into Private Placements, Syndications, Partnerships and more.