Category: Self Directed IRA Lending

Non-Recourse Loans for the Self-Directed IRA

Recent increases in investor acquisition of real estate have prompted calls from clients that have cash in their self-directed retirement accounts but don’t have enough to buy a property outright. In other words, their IRAs need loans. There are lenders that will make loans on income producing properties to self-directed IRAs on a non-recourse basis….

Tools of the Trade with Your Self-Directed IRA: What Every Investor Must Know!

Imagine having the ability to control your retirement dollars with investments you make every day, with an asset base you understand and with tax-deferred or tax-free dollars. There are things every investor must know if they intend to leverage their IRA in order to make intelligent financial decisions and capitalize on building wealth on a…

Forward Thinking Strategy For Your Self-Directed IRA

Over the last several weeks, I have shared stories about clients who have used their self-directed IRAs to invest in creative options and accumulate wealth and profit with their retirement funds. This is yet another example of a creative strategy with a self-directed IRA. Les owns a used car lot with a 70 car inventory….